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Accepting my Priorities

August 12th, 2006 at 11:21 am

Good news: I found my phone!!! It was on the floor hidden. When I drop things, I don't often notice because of my deafness, I do not hear things fall and hit the ground so I don't look. Must be more careful now!

Anyways, my internet at home is officially turned off. I did this to save the cost until my debts are paid off. I am adamant about getting it paid off by Dec or Jan. But itís harder than I thought to go without.

I miss going on this site and I usually do when I am at work or at lunch break. But I also made a recommitment not to spend too much time on the internet other than my work because there is a chance that I can get a promotional raise and do the extra work. I don't want to blow that opportunity up by abusing company's time.

I am going to miss going to this site and the people. People on this site are a comfort to me when I am feeling stress with finances and also I get the best laughs and that always make my day go good.

I am going to try to find ways to get onto the internet so I can go in more often.


3 Responses to “Accepting my Priorities”

  1. ima saver Says:

    So glad you found it!

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    Have you tried one of the free or really, really cheap internet connections like NetZero or PeoplePC? I think PeoplePC has a plan that is $6 a month. Or does your library offer internet usage? Perhaps you could connect there with this site.

  3. Gruntina Says:

    Thanks Ima saver - Yes happy to have no financial set backs that could have happened with the phone!

    LuckyRobins - Thanks for your sugguestions. I am going to hold off any internet service at home regardless of how cheap because I am really putting every penny I can into this debts. I have 10,300 left to go. I would need to have the highspeed internet service when I eventually hook it up again because the Video Relay phone for the deaf requires that the internet speed to be high in order for the equipment to work. I live in the heart of Silcon Valley and there got to be some place to use the computer.. Will have to do research. I am now currently working two full time jobs so there is not really much time to use internet anyways.

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