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The waiting Game

September 29th, 2006 at 02:27 pm

I am running off pretty fast as I found a rare time to have access to use the blog with internet so not much time. Forgive me if my grammar and English is really bad but I just felt I had to get some thoughts off of my chest so I can breathe better.

I am sure most of you know by now that I have received official notice from my employer that my position is being reevaluated during the next few/several months and it may be outsourced, 3rd party vendor/contract, delaminated or possibly reorganize and I will have a new job title.

Current status is they still do not know or do not know when they will know by. I do know for sure some areas (multi department work in my position) are not going to be reevaluated but that is only a portion of my work. So simply put... just do not know yet.

In the meantime, I have been socking away 1500/per month to my debts which is unbelievably at 7500.00 left! (Amazing to me because it started with over 60,000. This is a heavy factor with making decisions regarding my current employment status. I am not sure if I should just keep the extra payment toward the EF but again would much rather not have to have any debt payments to make in the near future.

What does this mean for me? Blessing to have so many choices but yet so indecisive!!!!

They are:

1. Go back to school full time with paid tuition and get my master degree in about 2 years in the field of Occupational Therapist. It would mean not making income that time to qualify for the free tuition and the program requires I do several hours of internship and 80 hours of volunteer work under a registered OT. (Would have to put high amount of debts at normal payment of 370 per month using EF. 370 was my real month to month payments. I am allowed to keep my night job only which is live in attendant. I only get about 500 a month but my rent is free and public transportation is free as it comes as a benefit with that type of job.

2. Find another full time job without waiting for layoff or changes. This way, no daily wondering or waiting on the Company's time to define my future work. This would enable to keep paying my retirement, pay off my debts soon, save for a wedding.

3. Get married now and have a party later so I can use my current insurance and possibly go on Cobra if laid off. My fiancé and I have discussed many times about having babies. This could be a good time since He and I discussed one parent would stay home to take care of our own child. The home is way out in the forest so almost does not make sense to commute one hour just to work and add more commute to day care or something. We would barely be at home. (Fiancé work does not provide insurance) so would have to purchase a family one but since my current insurance is only under 30 dollars per month and only 10 dollar co-payment, birth would be $100 co-payment if smooth. Prefer to use my current insurance for the labor and pregnancy process if I can. I am not getting any younger and even though I commend many women have babies in their early 40’s, my desire is to be a young mom but only that I am not that young anymore and would like to do this sometime soon.

Not sure which way to go at this time and just trying not to jump at anything. I am praying that the Lord willing that I proceed to a good direction as I spent most of my life fixing up bad decisions .lol!

Choices, choices and choices… a blessing and a curse in one!

P.S. Boy does this feel like I just gave off my life story. I hope I dont regret putting this info on this later.

Whoo Hoo! savings on auto insurance

September 15th, 2006 at 07:51 pm

After several months getting quotes from several auto insurance companies, nothing was lower rate than the current rate of my insurance policy.

This week finally, finally an insurance quote that was significantly lower with the same coverage except new insurance policy will include roadside service. The monthly payments have been reduced by $40.00! I can't believe it! I am happy... that is a savintg of almost $240 every 6 months!

Credit is given to this site as I looked up info on how to save on auto insurance. Thanks so much all!!!!

Another saving has popped up in my mind... I just realize that this is usually the time of the year I renew my online security system. Well since I disconnected my internet service not too long ago, this is something I would not have to pay for at this time.

Roller coaster ADJUSTMENT to life now!

September 6th, 2006 at 07:57 pm

Rare opportunity to find internet and the time to enter a new bog!

Many things have happened since my trip to Montana to attend my Grandfather's memorial services.

There was a huge lay off and work force cut at my work when I returned. Very hard as most of the people who are laid off, I work closely with. They wanted a budget cut in the HR dept to save the company in the millions almost to a billion! This is just for a small large company. They did not lay me off yet but I did get notice that my job position is being reevaluated and very possible it will be delimited, outsourced or moved out of the country. They do not know which way they are going with it yet and no timeline hint as well.

With my deafness, I strongly feel it will be difficult to find another HR related field. I decided to go back to school in January and start changing my life to the way I would like for it to be. I will study Occupational Therapist and have more or less 2 years left to get my degree. I will be so broke!!!! I am really hoping my job hangs in there until the end of December otherwise I have a huge debts and would force me to find another job ( I already have a night job) which will rob me of my school time. If I go to school part time, it will take me a good 5 or 6 years to finish so not an option for my age.

Truth is I am so scared; I already moved out of a comfy apartment and now rent a room which is hard to get used to, Will loose 85% of my income, will not be able to contribute to a retirement plan for awhile and will have to depend heavenly on the buses for transport. Can be challenging with the Bay Area people and raining winters.

A lot of me want to back out of the school dream and find another job who knows where with my limited skills and so on.... Just for money security... but truth is I am not happy working my butts off to make a rich company become more greedy. I want to directly help the people and the community and be proud of the work I do.

I am just so thankful I have more than a two weeks notice!!!!! More time to think and make adjustment. its hard to be like a college student when I have always had my own place since I was 17, I was married and now divorce and have a cat and now to rent out a room and have only a third of the fridge to store food.

I hope I make it!