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Whoo Hoo! savings on auto insurance

September 15th, 2006 at 07:51 pm

After several months getting quotes from several auto insurance companies, nothing was lower rate than the current rate of my insurance policy.

This week finally, finally an insurance quote that was significantly lower with the same coverage except new insurance policy will include roadside service. The monthly payments have been reduced by $40.00! I can't believe it! I am happy... that is a savintg of almost $240 every 6 months!

Credit is given to this site as I looked up info on how to save on auto insurance. Thanks so much all!!!!

Another saving has popped up in my mind... I just realize that this is usually the time of the year I renew my online security system. Well since I disconnected my internet service not too long ago, this is something I would not have to pay for at this time.

2 Responses to “Whoo Hoo! savings on auto insurance”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Dear Great Comparison Shopper:

    Reduced charges PLUS extra bells & whistles!


    What if you NOW put it on your to-do list in another year or year and a half to compare around again!?! I know - SIGH!! It's a pain but as you can see - well worth it!

    Excellent work!

    Do you save more if you can pay a whole year's premium at one time? Ours does that. Of course it takes a level of financial fitness that not everyone can do right off the bat. We just recently got to that point in our finances. BUT - it saves us an additional $24 a year to pay that way! And doing it on home and auto - that's $48 a year less to pay.

    Take that $48 and compound it at least 8% for 20 years....

    well, you get the picture! Big Grin Good going!

  2. Gruntina Says:

    Hi Lux - Thanks for your tips. I will definitely check in to see if I can pay a whole year premium to see if I can save any money. Currently I could only get the 6 month first and they needed to retrieve proof that I had ongoing auto insurance from another source at the moment to be fully accepted under their insurance.

    I plan on being prepared to be laid off at work and transition to full time school to get my masters in OT. A big drop in income so I am trying everything I can think of and pretending I am living on a small income right now. Any little savings goes a long way!

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