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Car Blessed!

October 5th, 2006 at 10:14 am

This month past few weeks was filled with blessings. My SO and I both had vehicle troubles. He lives in the Mountain and about 18 miles of very windy road out of town to get there. He happened to come to town for a college course in American Sign Language. Afterwards, on the way to see me (Client’s home in town) the brakes went completely out on his late 50's pick-up truck. Thank goodness he was on flat ground and nothing bad happened. He had to call the tow truck to take it to his home up in the mountains. Funny the Tow truck overheated on the way up the mountain and asked my SO if he can drive his truck on the windy road to his house!!!! With no brakes on windy road? Crazy!

Then it was my turn!!! I drove late one night after a late shift up the mountain to stay with him for the weekend. Everything was fine and dandy, the following morning my SO kissed me bye as I was ready to take off for work that day. Funny the car didn't start at first and then the weirdest noise and "Stuck" noise. We both had a look and I was praying hard inside “Please don’t let it be my Sweetie (Cat)" under the hood... I was scared. I looked away as my SO opens the trunk.... he was pulling out strings of plastic/rubber.... Whew! It was not the cat.... the belt shredded up to fine strings and the Tensioner that controls the belt and the steering was in bad shape. After my SO checked the car, he came to me and admitted that at first he thought it was my cat too! How funny we were thinking the same things quietly. Had that belt totally burst while driving up the Mountains prior night or just mere minutes later going down the hill and losing steering...? Bad thoughts but felt that was timing God put us in and I am so thankful we did not get hurt. I am very fortunate that my SO is a mechanic so I just had to buy the parts and a 3 day car rental while he fixed my car. That is still way cheaper than to hire someone else to fix it and pay labor.

This is the time to count our blessing and not worry about the finances taking a hit. Fortunately from being on this site, I had a Fund saved up for my car repairs so no loans or credit card had to be used. Yay!

2 Responses to “Car Blessed!”

  1. JanH Says:

    Wow. That's scary. I recently had my car die in the driveway. Had to replace the battery cables. If it had died on the way visiting my kids or someplace else, what a hassle. But not as life-threatening as yours. Your guardian angels were working overtime this month!

  2. PRICEPLUS Says:

    I am glad your boyfriend is okay. I had an old Omni and lost the brakes on a major highway near NYC. Needless to say I was a little shaken. O had to re4place my O2 censor a while back and was told my brakes needed work. Still putting money aside for that.

    I hope things work out for you and the cars are repaired soon!

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