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Update regarding my Grandmother's service

November 13th, 2006 at 07:17 pm

I bought my plane ticket on Sunday! I dipped it from my savings and it was taken from the extra principle money I was planning to pay my debts on top of my regular monthly payments. This way I did not have to dip in my emergency fund and would just mean a month or two longer than anticipated to be finally debt free. I am okay with this as family is important and my mother needs to know I am there for her.

The ticket was significantly cheaper this time around, only 505 dollars! That is more than $200 saving compared with my last two last minute flight to Montana. This surprised me as the last two tickets, I received bereavement discount and this time I did not. Also surprised it's not so high since it's so close to Thanksgiving holiday.

I am feeling better now but I am realizing now that I am not going to see my Grandma again in reality. I have procrastinated on some letters to send to her so for those who are reading this, send a letter to your loved one that are far away ASAP!

1 Responses to “Update regarding my Grandmother's service”

  1. janH Says:

    I think you will be glad you go. It will mean a lot to your mother to have you there. I went through that a couple of years ago, and my mother was so glad to have me there to help with some little things she felt unable to do well at that time. My family had already done so much for her, but they had to get back to school and work. I was able to relieve my dad and help mom go and do some things she felt she needed to get done after the services. Little things like returning pans and packing up food. Heating up stuff for her meals. Writing stuff. She was wiped out and every thing you do to help is welcome. I didn't get to stay very long--a week, but I'm glad I went. Again, so sorry for your losses. You've been through a lot.

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