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Accepting my Priorities

August 12th, 2006 at 11:21 am

Good news: I found my phone!!! It was on the floor hidden. When I drop things, I don't often notice because of my deafness, I do not hear things fall and hit the ground so I don't look. Must be more careful now!

Anyways, my internet at home is officially turned off. I did this to save the cost until my debts are paid off. I am adamant about getting it paid off by Dec or Jan. But itís harder than I thought to go without.

I miss going on this site and I usually do when I am at work or at lunch break. But I also made a recommitment not to spend too much time on the internet other than my work because there is a chance that I can get a promotional raise and do the extra work. I don't want to blow that opportunity up by abusing company's time.

I am going to miss going to this site and the people. People on this site are a comfort to me when I am feeling stress with finances and also I get the best laughs and that always make my day go good.

I am going to try to find ways to get onto the internet so I can go in more often.


Lost phone sigh.........

August 9th, 2006 at 05:01 pm

Sometimes between getting off work last night and heading home, I lost the phone. I went to a gas station and paid outside with atm, and then hit a grocery store to pick up a few items. Before entering the grocery store, I realize the phone was not in my purse. I have looked in my car and home. When arriving to work today, I had hoped I simply just left it on my desk from the previous day but it did not go that way. I called the company to suspend my cell phone at the time so other people can not make phone calls on it.

I am worried! Both jobs have no way of contacting me or the other way around. This is important as I work with clients that have disabilities at one of my job. I have no land line or home phone, mostly because I live among three different places because of my two full time jobs.

Financially worried because it was an expensive phone. it was a personal pocket computer under Sprint PPC. I needed it because of the integreated emails account that I use at my day job and the sliding keyboard to type since with my deafness I am limited to text messagings, emails and Instant messaging.

sigh..... Will spend all evening looking for that phone.

Gruntina's very first blog

August 8th, 2006 at 06:36 am

It's 6:29 AM on my end. Very rare that I am awake at this time! Usually I get up at 8am and am at work by 9am. Really I got up a couple of hours ago since I could not sleep. Instead of struggling with going back to sleep, I decided to do some house cleaning and cleaned out the bathroom and reorganized my cabinets. Interesting how much better I feel.

After a couple of weeks struggling on how to get a blog going, funny I can figure it out at a time like this. I should get up earlier in the mornings as it seems I am more productive in the morning despites most of the time, I hate to wake up.

I am going to make coffee now which is a specialty here at the house. Normally I wait until I get to work to drink coffee there though itís not as good as the ones I buy. I have to admit, main reason I donít make my own coffee in the mornings is because I truly hate waking up in the morning. I think itís because I work two full time jobs and have a hard time keeping up with my personal life that I just am not ready to face the day most of the time.

This is something I truly want to change as I really need some quality time with myself before I give all of me to others.

Now off to get coffee!!!

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